Dynamics of Human Engagement

Rezonator is a project with a mission: to reveal the power of resonance and engagement in human life.

Rezonator seeks to discover the hidden resonance in ordinary conversation.

  • Rezonator creates tools for visualizing resonance and engagement in dialogue.
  • Rezonator is a platform for creating a new kind of word game: games of resonance.
  • Rezonator represents a new way of understanding involvement in human interaction.

When people come together in dialogue, it’s easy to overlook how important resonance is to the success of their communicative interaction. Resonance is created when words and structures are shared between partners in conversation, displaying affinities that link their language, thoughts, emotions, and actions. Rezonator is unique in its focus on capturing the dynamics of resonance in human engagement.

At Rezonator, we believe the challenge of discovery can be intuitive and fun.

Our analytical tools and games are linked by design. By developing research strategies in parallel with game design, we invite researchers and players alike to explore the dynamics of resonance and engagement in dialogue.

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